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Few things are as integral to your home as the drywall. Daily activities like showering can make your drywall susceptible to moisture, and over time mold and mildew can damage your home. If you need drywall services or plaster repair, give Juanez Painting a call.


We provide professional repairs and installations at a very affordable price while never skimping on the quality of our craftsmanship. We will send a skilled contractor to address the issue no matter your needs. We can fix anything and everything related to your drywall with a keen eye and an ambitious work ethic. If you need to replace or install new drywall, we can hang and finish your drywall panels, securing them to the skeleton of your home to complete the wall. We can also provide drywall repair, rapidly attending to large and small cracks and holes in your drywall. When we finish, it will look like there was never any damage in the first place.


We will ensure that your drywall is not only sturdy but that it looks good, too. We can finish up any project with home painting services that will transform and refresh any room in your home. Contact us today for drywall and painting services in the San Pedro, CA area.

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